Greetings My Fellow Winos & Beer Geeks!

Winter has shown up a little early this year. (Of course itíll probably be sunny & 60 degrees on Christmas!???) Well, you can always stop by here to warm up & have a little sip of wine anytime.

The votes are in & Wine Knows Won The Best Wine Selection in the NW Suburbs for the 2nd time in 3 years!!! That's 4 counties! Sorry Evil Empires!!! WOW! Thank you to all that voted!!!

OK, here's the list of the MAIN events we know of at this time!

Saturday December 14th The 14th Annual Holiday Tasting 1-5pm

Eight or 9 pourers, 50+ wines with the Holiday in mind for gifts & dinner. Also some sparkling for New Yearís Eve.

Friday December 20th Linda Davis of Indigo Wine Group at the store 5:30-???

Linda represents wines from Australia, New Zealand, South AfricaÖetc. The wines will be decided as we get closer.

Saturday December 21st Steve of Connoisseur Wine Tasting at the store 1-5pm

We haven't chosen the wines yet, but he has quite a number fun things to taste. We'll be drinking them to decide soon! (There goes my liver again!)

Future Tastings

Saturday February 1st The 13th Annual Super Beer Bowl! 1-5 at the store

Sunday February 9th The 13th Annual Big Red Tasting! At Center Cut downtown Grayslake 1-4pm

$60 per person Over 100+ wines, a Glass that you take home, appetizers & a lot of fun!

All reservations made through Wine Knows in advance please. (Need to know how many glasses we need!)

We'll schedule more things, but I sort of enjoy doing the tastings. That way I can choose from whatever I want!

Cheers! Phil

Ps. Iím done with sports in Chicago for now. Cubs are fired for so many reasons & the rest of them, I donít know? Well, at least thereís good wine to taste, Iíll be fine!

We just got a new Bloody Mary Mix in. Artyís Big & Bold. Itís been approved by John & Colleen Madigan! (They start every Sunday with a Bloody Mary!) So, it must be good! Great for New Yearís!

Many questions lately about the Sonoma fires & the Tariffs on European wines. First of all the fires are done. One winery was lost, but not many vineyards. According to what Iíve heard everything appears fine. (Whether I believe them or not remains to be tasted!) In so far as the tariffs, thatís a different matter. Italian & Portuguese wines arenít being affected (Yet!), but the cheese & olive oils are. In Europe if the wine is 14.1% or higher it wonít be affected & Champagne as well. (The reason champagne & Italy arenít affected is because of land holdings in the US.) I believe German & Northern French wines are going to be hit the hardest because they are mainly all well under 14.1%. This tariff also affects single malt scotch & English wine. So far I havenít seen any price increases, but I believe after the 1st of the year we will begin to see some. This is all about Airbus & Boeing. What wine has to do with airline manufacturers, I have no idea? Apparently the EU is fighting back & applied for tariffs on American Spirits & wine. Everyone hopes there will be an agreement to stop this nonsense, butÖ???

Every Friday evening & Saturday afternoon, if we have no one scheduled..."We Don't need no stinking wine reps!"  Or as our Facebook page states; WDNNSWR!                                                                                                           

There's always something around that we either forgot about or realize it hasn't been selling like it should. (Or I'm just thirsty? Those that know me, "I only drink alone when I'm by myself!" Thank you George Thorogood!) <>
To All Attending any wine, beer or dinner events;  As a reminder, please refrain from the over dosage of colognes & perfumes.  I realize it's an event & everyone wants to go the extra mile, but we want to enjoy the bouquet from the wine/beer/food, not be smothered by aromas of bergamot, coriander, citrus lime fruit & sweet lilac!  (If the wine smells like that...Dump it out!) Unfortunately, we have to address the e-cigarette issue. We do not allow them in Wine Knows & the same is true for any tasting we sponsor.   Also, don't be the immovable object taster.  If you notice a crowd gathering behind you, just take a step back & enjoy what you have in your glass.  There will be plenty to go around!  (We just want everyone to enjoy themselves at these events.  Thank You!)

Also, You can now find us on Facebook to find out the latest happenings. (The Link!

I know the emails have been coming out less frequently & I apologize. But, if you ever want to remind yourself of what's going on (And we know you do!), you can always go to (Without all of the other silliness! Hey, I heard that!) I will try to be more conscientious on the update from now on!...Maybe?

Wine Knows 1130 E. Washington St. Grayslake 847-223-8402 Hours of tasting...err, operation; Tuesday thru Saturday 11-8 & Sunday 12-5. Closed Monday! We are located in the Washington Square, 1/2 mile west of 45 & 1 mile east of 83 on the north side of the street across from The College of Lake County. Right next to Something's Brewing. <>