Greetings My Fellow Winos & Beer Geeks!
Sorry  to have been so late in sending these. (Ok! I heard that!) It's not as easy at Medicare age! Anyway, here we go! It seems like the idea of the Holidays has taken a while to sink in. The snow on Sunday might have reminded everyone? Holiday Tasting, Saturday the 10th! (Is it really the 11th year of this??? YIKES!!!) We will have other things as well, but...?  For now, read below.
Hope to have info on the Big Red by Saturday at the latest!
Beer Geek Alert!
No, I wasn't worthy enough to receive Goosewieser BCS. (Or is it just BS?) Oh well? I don't really care. The big box stores can have it, as well as the rest of the world. Craft beer? Yeah right! (I saw on EBay that people were selling empty bottles for $25! Insanity!!!)
Do mark your calendar for the Super Beer Bowl on February 4th! Craft Beers will be here!
OK, here’s the list of the MAIN events we know of at this time!
Every Friday evening & Saturday afternoon, if we have no one scheduled..."We Don't need no stinking wine reps!"  Or as our Facebook page states; WDNNSWR!
There's always something around that we either forgot about or realize it hasn't been selling like it should. (Or I'm just thirsty? Those that know me, "I only drink alone when I'm by myself!" Thank you George Thorogood!)
Saturday December 10th Holiday Event at the store 1-5pm
The usual insanity...8 or so reps here, some new, some old. (Some older than me!) And if you can't make it that day, Sunday is leftover day! (Of course, that depends on how the night goes?) There will be everything from sparkling to port.
Saturday December 17th Trent of Tenzing at the store 1-? And Susan of Glunz Distributing from 3-?
This will be a hoot! 2 of my favorite reps! Plus that evening will be a 30th B'Day party for a wonderful young lady! (It was planned to be a surprise, but her husband has a BIG mouth & told her!)
Holiday Weekends 23, 24, 30, 31
Sounds like party weekends are here!!! We will be open on the 25th for a few hours, but not long. (I get to have a little fun that day!)We will be closed New Years day thru Thursday the 5th. (I will need a break! Of course I'll probably be doing inventory that week. If I'm there, I'll let you in...well, some of you!) If I don't see you (And why not???) have a great Holiday & A Happy New Year!!! 
Larry & Phil
ps. So, I don't really think that this has sunk in? Cubs Win, Cubs Win! Really? After they were down 3 games to one, I still didn't feel like it was over. That Sunday I had an epiphany. I looked up at the poster in the store for The Loop Winery & realized I should be drinking a wine made by a native Chicagoan. Thus I chilled a Sauvignon Blanc to have with my dinner that night. Also, I decided I could no longer listen to the idiots on Fox, so muted them & played music from a playlist I had made on my computer of all the music I had from years that ended with an 8. (The 1908 theme you see. Not that I had anything from that year & no, I wasn't quite born then! I heard that!) I did the same on Tuesday. Wednesday, my friends Shelly & Michael, whom invite to a game every year, called & wanted to go to Bakes to watch the game. Out of my routine, but why not? I brought a bottle of the Loop with me because I knew Tony would allow me to open it there. Everything was great until we finished the bottle, then...well? When the rain came Michael decided he should go home because we didn't know how long it would be & he had to get up early in the morning. So I went home & started up my routine. (If you're a real Cub fan, you have to be superstitious!) I won't take all the credit, but...It Worked!!! (I still don't believe it!???)
Also my sister reminded me that our Father, who was a very good golfer (Not like his son however!) Played in a charity golf outing many years ago. The 4 some included Glenn Beckert, Ron Santo & he rode with Ernie Banks, my childhood favorite Cub. (I even copied his batting stance, except that I was a leftie.) So we decided that our Mother was with the 3 of them telling them to do it for us! Thanks Mom!
To All Attending any wine, beer or dinner events;  As a reminder, please refrain from the over dosage of colognes & perfumes.  I realize it's an event & everyone wants to go the extra mile, but we want to enjoy the bouquet from the wine/beer/food, not be smothered by aromas of bergamot, coriander, citrus lime fruit & sweet lilac!  (If the wine smells like that...Dump it out!) Unfortunately, we have to address the e-cigarette issue. We do not allow them in Wine Knows & the same is true for any tasting we sponsor.   Also, don't be the immovable object taster.  If you notice a crowd gathering behind you, just take a step back & enjoy what you have in your glass.  There will be plenty to go around!  (We just want everyone to enjoy themselves at these events.  Thank You!)
Also, thanks to Wino friend Tricia, you can now find us on facebook to find out the latest happenings. (The Link!
I know the emails have been coming out less frequently & I apologize. But, if you ever want to remind yourself of what's going on (And we know you do!), you can always go to (Without all of the other silliness! Hey, I heard that!) I will try to be more conscientious on the update from now on!...Maybe?
Wine Knows 1130 E. Washington St. Grayslake 847-223-8402 Hours of, operation; Tuesday thru Thursday & Saturday 11-8, Friday 11-9 & Sunday 12-5. Closed Monday! We are located in the Washington Square, 1/2 mile west of 45 & 1 mile east of 83 on the north side of the street across from The College of Lake County. Right next to Something's Brewing.
Also, if you are receiving this email in error or do not wish to continue receiving it, just reply to this email & let me know you've had enough! I won't be hurt..., well, not too much!!!